The UK and elsewhere

Being exam time it seems that a lot more procrastination slips into my daily schedule. One of the things that I've spent a little time doing is scoping out some European schools. Even with a EU passport it looks like you're still stuck paying international student fees unless you've been resident in Europe for the 3 years prior (for computing this would work out to approximately $15000 versus $5000 in tuition).


Go to a non-EU nation then. The best two are Switzerland & Norway. After that the nations are somwhat sketchy i.e. Belarus and Yugoslavia, etc

The problem with that is that he would still be an international student. He was hoping, that with a EU passport, he would not have to pay the international student fees.

Dave has an EU passport?? wha..

Not yet... but given a couple of years I might if the appropriate paperwork is dug up.

You trying to contact you-know-who?

I sent him an email last week - haven't heard back.