Homeless... well, sort of

I made it back into Calgary last night at about midnight (local time), having travelled for the most part straight from the parking lot of the Vernon CanRC. One thing that I discovered this morning when I phoned to see how the move was going, was that the newlywed couple will apparently be delayed until Wednesday for their move into the new place.

Thus, while they said that I could show up tonight, I think that all of us would probably prefer to avoid that. Following the call I dropped in at the townhouse just long enough to do a little bit of laundry, and to pack a bag for a few days. Presently I've got no idea where I'll be sleeping tonight, although I'm sure that I can work something out.


I thought you were staying at our aunt & uncle? Guess not.... well, I suggest a hotel or something. You need somewhere to stay!

Err... I'm back in Calgary, not in Vernon. I'd guess a minimum cost of about $50 - $60 for a hotel room at night. That gets expensive rather quickly.