What I've been eating lately

Alton Brown's Savory Polenta
Haven't eaten too much polenta before but this went along fairly well with a few other things. Used turkey broth instead of chicken broth, though I doubt that had much of a flavour impact. Any regular-polenta-eaters out there who can suggest how to fry up leftover polenta without it sticking to the pan too much?
Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork
Didn't make any pulled pork but used the rub ingredients there and threw it with some very-much-not-boneless ribs in a slow cooker. Was pretty tasty. I'd been looking for a use for my liquid smoke - think I might have to try this with a larger chunk of meat in the future.
Eggs in purgatory
I'm still not quite sure what to make of the combination of eggs and tomato sauce. Think next time I might made more of a bell-pepper / chili tomato sauce.
Boerenkool Stamppot (Kale Hash)
Just grabbed a random recipe for this sort of thing - I didn't bother trying to follow it. I've discovered that the key to this sort of dish is dairy - without it, you might as well scrape the contents of the pan straight into the garbage but with dairy it's not bad.
Slow Cooker Bolognese
This has become somewhat of a regular thing to make - basically since I normally have everything needed to make this in the house already.
Risotto of Almost Anything
I've made more paella than risotto in the past as, though they're fairly similar in many ways, paella you don't need to stir whereas risotto you do. Realized when I was going to start making this that I didn't have some of the ingredients and didn't really know what to pair pumpkin with so a quick consult of The Flavor Bible turned this into a pumpkin-sage risotto. The sage worked out quite well. I may take some advice from Mark Bittman and try a brown-rice risotto in the not-so-distant future.