The joys of an accomodations hunt

I was listening to the news on the radio this morning, and overheard that the Calgary rental vacancy rate is expected to hit 1% this year. I wonder if those vacancy rates are lowest in the country at the moment. They're certainly lower than any vacancy rates for elsewhere that I've been able to uncover by googling around.

Anyways, on a related note, my landlord/ex-roommate is looking to fill a basement suite in the house that he bought. It's looking like my rental search may be at an end. This house is about 30 minutes from the university by transit I think.


I think your blog hates me.

And on that note, this housing news is good news! When will you know for sure? How big is this basement suite? Will you be sharing with someone else still? How long would you be staying there?

Well, we did discover that it was Internet Explorer causing that login problem, so no going and blaming the blog!

That I'll be moving into that suite is basically a solid plan at the moment - the only question would be when I might be moving in. I've only been in the house once, but from what I recall the suite was a good size (although honestly, I don't really need much space). I'd be renting out one bedroom, with the other to be rented out at some point to someone else. And as far as duration goes - indefinite.

BTW, as to the craziness of the Calgary real estate market, the townhouse sold today after about 24 hours on the market (and multiple offers) for roughly 50% more than it was bought for last fall.