A new toy

After much deliberation, and much indecision I picked up something new to play with. It was a tough choice between getting a Canon EOS-20D on clearance or one of these. I found the Digital Rebel XT ackward to hold. Eventually I decided that I simply couldn't justify the extra expense of the Canon camera, and I do already have a number of Nikon lenses. I'm still not a fan of what Nikon's done as far as software is concerned, but at least there is open-source software available that can handle a Nikon D50's raw files.

I've attached a couple of full-frame JPEGs (converted from RAWs) for your viewing pleasure - one of my microwave, and another one taken on a short walk to Bowness Park this evening. I think that, excepting these two, I'll probably leave my Gallery's auto-downsize feature on so that it spits out 800x600 JPGs of everything. I wonder how much bandwidth these photos alone will take. BTW, converting to TIFF leaves me with file sizes of over 30 megabytes.


It's not Canon, but it is a DSLR. Don't forget to always use some unsharp mask. My tiffs come in at 9MB apiece.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.