The wonders of Amazon order changing...

If you want to tweak any Amazon orders, its generally easy enough to delete items from an existing order. However, to add something to a preexisting order it seems that some gymnastics are in order. Essentially the process required involves creating a new order and then merging it with the old.

Today, I discovered something different as far as changing orders is concerned: Don't just order a single item - even if the suggested ship time seems to indicate that its out-of-stock. To perform this stunt it seems that one may need to order several rare item of different sorts at one time. In this case I didn't even have 1 minute to tweak my order after it was submitted before it went into the "shipping soon" phase, so this time I'm getting hit with some shipping charges. It's nice to have quick order fulfillment, but less than one minute for a status change is almost ridiculous.

Hmn... guess that means that I've made over 30 orders at this point, rather than just 30 as I had hoped.