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For elites, politics is driven by ideology. For voters, it’s not.
" Once you’re used to seeing politics through an ideological lens, it becomes easy to forget that others don’t. ... Trump was easy for political professionals to underestimate because they are ideologues who are surrounded by ideologues, and so they naturally came to see a coherent ideology as a prerequisite for a successful politician"
Income inequality and subjective well-being: a systematic review and meta-analysis
"The association between income inequality and [subjective well-being] is weak, complex and moderated by the country economic development."
To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old
"there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that late blooming is no anomaly. A 2016 Information Technology and Innovation Foundation study found that inventors peak in their late 40s and tend to be highly productive in the last half of their careers. Similarly, professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Hitotsubashi University in Japan, who studied data about patent holders, found that, in the United States, the average inventor sends in his or her application to the patent office at age 47, and that the highest-value patents often come from the oldest inventors — those over the age of 55."