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Why a Government Lawyer Argued Against Giving Immigrant Kids Toothbrushes
Was a bit surprised to learn that the case that's recently been in the news was filed in the Obama-era, something that I don't think many people are likely to be aware of from the event's media coverage. And then there's using locations formerly used as Japanese internment camps ... also used in the Obama-era. There are many reasons to dislike Trump, but the inaccurate conclusions that people are likely to draw from a lot of media coverage are a great way to rally support for Trump and enable him to get away with other things.
A New Trial Of An Ancient Rhetorical Trick Finds It Can Make You Wiser
Have gotten flack for this sort of thing before: "you should adopt an ancient rhetorical method favoured by the likes of Julius Caesar and known as “illeism” – or speaking about yourself in the third person ... A bulk of research has already shown that this kind of third-person thinking can temporarily improve decision making. Now a preprint at PsyArxiv finds that it can also bring long-term benefits to thinking and emotional regulation."
World Publics Welcome Global Trade — But Not Immigration
From 2007: "In both affluent countries in the West and in the developing world, people are concerned about immigration. Large majorities in nearly every country surveyed express the view that there should be greater restriction of immigration and tighter control of their country’s borders."