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Does Apologizing Work? An Empirical Test of the Conventional Wisdom
"Overall, the evidence suggests that when a prominent figure apologizes for a controversial statement, the public is either unaffected or becomes more likely to desire that the individual be punished."
Flying first class on a single domestic round trip can contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than a year of driving
"The average annual carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per occupant of a light-duty vehicle (7,958 pounds) are about the same as the emissions per passenger from a round trip from San Diego to Frankfurt flying economy class (7,938 pounds), or from a round trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles flying first class (2,646 pounds times 3 equals 7,938 pounds)."
No funding for uncomfortable results
"In 1997 Latanya Sweeney dramatically demonstrated that supposedly anonymized data was not anonymous. ... In her paper Only You, Your Doctor, and Many Others May Know Sweeney says that her research was unwelcome. Over 20 journals turned down her paper on the Weld study, and nobody wanted to fund privacy research that might reach uncomfortable conclusions."