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Moral Memories and the Belief in the Good Self
"First, there is a tendency for people to willfully and actively forget details about their own moral transgressions but not about their own morally praiseworthy deeds. Second, when past moral transgressions are not forgotten, people strategically compare their more recent unethical behaviors with their more distant unethical behaviors to foster a perception of personal moral improvement over time."
Harvard falls to the diversocrats
Previous clients of the lawyer who lost his position at dean of one of Harvard's residential college after choosing to represent Harvey Weinstein: "it isn’t unusual for Professor Sullivan to represent unpopular clients. In the past, he has represented Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player accused of a double murder, and the family of Usaamah Rahim, a man accused of being a terrorist who was shot by the Boston Police. But his decision to represent the man at the centre of the #MeToo scandal proved too much for some radical students". Power in society and who holds it is often better examined by observation rather than claims highlighted in the media as to who holds it.
Hot Sauce in Oatmeal Makes Cold Weather More Bearable
Western breakfasts tend to be sweet - but there are a lot of other approaches you can take. Been experimenting with a few alternatives of late. (Relatedly, I'm not sure that I've ever seen a pho restaurant in the West open during breakfast hours, but it's the most popular breakfast in Vietnam.