The inevitable challenges of researching politicized subjects

Here's the start of a twitter thread:

My general approach to Trump is to mostly ignore him, basically taking Zeynep Tufekci's approach here that most people looking for alternate credible sources of information know to disregard him. Yet what should one do when a potential therapy - which I certainly don't think should be embraced to the extent that Trump has - still seems to be worth some evaluation?

It seems worth noting the fairly-well-known-now case of the guy who died after ingesting some aquarium cleaner made of the stuff, but often ignored is that there seems to be more to that story than meets the eye. i.e. this seems to appear in context of abuse1, possibly being an escalation of violence there rather than innocent idiocy.

  1. This is of course the sort of domestic violence case that those who claim to care about domestic violence generally seem to prefer to try to ignore or even suppress - i.e. male victim. ↩︎