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Do Some Countries Discriminate More than Others? Evidence from 97 Field Experiments of Racial Discrimination in Hiring
"France has the highest discrimination rates, followed by Sweden. We find smaller differences among Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, and Germany."
Medical advances mask epidemic of violence by cutting murder rate
"Murder rates would be up to five times higher than they are but for medical developments over the past 40 years. According to new research, doctors are saving the lives of thousands of victims of attack who four decades ago would have died and become murder statistics. Although the study is based on US data, the researchers say the principle applies to other countries too"
Electric-Powered Commercial Airplane Makes History
Not yet viable for long-haul and there are certain other costs (e.g. battery replacement) but these were better figures than I was expecting to see. "A 100-mile flight in the nine-passenger Cessna Caravan, one of the most popular short-haul aircraft, costs more than $300 in fuel. “In an electric Caravan, you will spend $6 to $12 on electricity” to charge its batteries, he said. ... Maintenance costs will be lower as well for electric motors compared to internal combustion engines". Meanwhile Air Canada's has ordered hybrid electric planes.
Who Benefits When Western Museums Return Looted Art?
On the complexities associated with returning art to from Western museums to places in Africa. In addition to the question of whether or not they're likely to be safe from theft and well-maintained, to whom specifically should you return the art?