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zeynep tufekci on Twitter
"Linus Pauling won the Nobel twice: one for science and one for his brave activism to limit testing and use of nuclear weapons. They tried to fire him from Caltech. US withheld his passport. Threatened with jail. He kept up even when many scientists were afraid to do so."
Political Conservatives’ Affinity for Obedience to Authority Is Loyal, Not Blind
"Conservatives have the more positive moral views of obedience only when the authorities are conservative (e.g., commanding officers); liberals do when the authorities are liberal (e.g., environmentalists). The two camps agree about obeying ideologically neutral authorities (e.g., office managers). Obedience itself is not ideologically divisive."
Demographically diverse crowds are typically not much wiser than homogeneous crowds
Interesting to see this from the author of The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently - and Why. The paper's conclusion: "Will a search for diversity likely pay off in increased accuracy? Payoffs can be maximized by using stronger correlates of cognitive diversity than demographic variables."