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New 'liquid trees' divide the internet
A decent case for sticking tanks of algae in urban environments: "algae is also more efficient than trees at removing CO2 from the atmosphere, acting between 10 to 50 times faster. One species of algae, Chlorella vulgaris, is up to 400 times more effective at harvesting CO2 than trees" + "in some cities, the air pollution is so bad that trees actually struggle to grow, while algae tends to be more resilient"
Cate Cadell
"A thread here for those who don't understand why the China protests ... are so shockingly rare. Surveillance. In. China. Is. Extreme. Think you could evade Chinese police? Let's walk through it"
Losing the language of the Koran
"Though this was a gathering of young Emiratis, almost everyone was chatting in English. Nowadays it is becoming the dominant tongue of the Gulf. ... In 2017 the Arab Youth Survey, taken by a pollster in Dubai, found that Gulf Arabs already use it more than Arabic."