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Tony Bennett’s Nazi Hunting Past Is Just One Reason He’s the Greatest Living American
Can you resist reading an article with an opening sentence like? "Only one man can say that he has both recorded a jazz album with Lady Gaga and liberated a Nazi death camp, and that man’s name is Tony Bennett." Unfortunately I only bumped into it on the date of his death so the title doesn't quite apply anymore.
Are Large Language Models a Threat to Digital Public Goods? Evidence from Activity on Stack Overflow
"We find that relative to its Russian and Chinese counterparts, where access to ChatGPT is limited, and to similar forums for mathematics, where ChatGPT is less capable, activity on Stack Overflow significantly decreased. A difference-in-differences model estimates a 16\% decrease in weekly posts on Stack Overflow. This effect increases in magnitude over time, and is larger for posts related to the most widely used programming languages. Posts made after ChatGPT get similar voting scores than before, suggesting that ChatGPT is not merely displacing duplicate or low-quality content." As one of the authors observes on Twitter "LLMs like ChatGPT are displacing their own future training data".
To Fight Bias, Consider Highlighting Your Race or Gender
A sign that the situation is more complicated than many suggest (and, I'd say, not what this article suggests it is): "When female or minority senders explicitly mentioned their identities, they were just more than 24 percent more likely to receive a response, compared with e-mails that had the same signature but did not mention identities. E-mails that mentioned identities received higher-quality replies"