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On the accuracy, media representation, and public perception of psychological scientists’ judgments of societal change
Studying the predictions of psychological scientists through the COVID-19 pandemic: "neither domain-general expertise (i.e., judgmental accuracy of scientists compared to laypeople) nor self-identified domain-specific expertise improved accuracy. ... we show that the public nevertheless expects psychological scientists to make more accurate predictions about individual and societal change compared to most other scientific disciplines, politicians, and non-scientists, and they prefer to follow their recommendations."
Ethan Mollick on Twitter
"Links between physical and emotional states: 💊Tylenol dulls all pain, including emotional pain & the pain of social rejection. It also dulls reactions to pleasurable things. 🤢Anti-nausea treatment lowers disgust at various purity-based violations & also reduces moral judgement". The two studies
Western Australia's new solar redistribution policy
Not a terrible idea IMO: "will provide low-income households with free electricity between 9am and 3pm each day ...The state, like others in the country and further abroad, is working out how to deal with the sharp decline in demand for electricity from the grid during the middle of the day as more homes and businesses install solar panels on their roofs."