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Influences on individuals adopting vegetarian and vegan diets
Via Lewis Bollard who notes: "Striking that some key veg advocacy tactics for decades - leaflets, events, & pledges - rank low, while animal interactions & conversations rank top."
Hank Green on Twitter
Start of a thread on how accidental geoengineering until recently-implemented restrictions on sulfur in ship fuels may explain some weird weather patterns in recent years.
Kyle Cheney on Twitter
"Federal appeals court says DC appears to have "selectively" enforced defacement statutes against anti-abortion protesters using chalk on sidewalks while declining to enforce it against much larger and more widespread Black Lives Matter protests." The ruling is here. I'd consider this differential treatment to be pretty obviously, but I'm just surprised the court concluded similarly.
Even When Ideologies Align, People Distrust Politicized Institutions
"perceived politicization also predicted lower support and willingness to defer to institutions’ expertise. Across studies, these negative relationships were observed among both participants who shared and opposed the institution’s ideological slant. In other words, even left-leaning participants were less trusting and less willing to support and defer to left-leaning institutions that appeared more politicized, and even right-leaning participants were less trusting and less willing to support and defer to right-leaning institutions that appeared more politicized."