Random links

‘What would you do if you were me, doctor?’: randomised trial of psychiatrists' personal v. professional perspectives on treatment recommendations
"Psychiatrists choosing treatment for themselves predominantly selected other treatments ... than what psychiatrists recommended to patients when asked in the ‘regular recommendation role’"
Common Cents: Bank Account Structure and Couples’ Relationship Dynamics
"we investigated whether randomly assigning engaged or newlywed couples to merge their money in a joint bank account increases relationship quality over time. Whereas couples assigned to keep their money in separate accounts or to a no-intervention condition exhibited the normative decline in relationship quality across the first 2 years of marriage, couples assigned to merge money in a joint account sustained strong relationship quality throughout."
Pulling Back the Curtain on Suicide Research: Understanding why people die by suicide is a harder problem to solve than most social scientists admit
"there is scant evidence that most suicide prevention strategies are effective, and the public doesn’t know"
Tomas Pueyo on Twitter
A rather long thread on societal trends in loneliness and being alone that's rather interesting. If there's a summary tweet it'd be this one: "So what's happening? Ppl are mixing loneliness with aloneness. We are spending more time alone. But this is not making us lonelier. We like it! There isn't a loneliness epidemic. It's always been there. We should fight it, but it's not new, so it's not due to social media"