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The Psychology of Online Political Hostility: A Comprehensive, Cross-National Test of the Mismatch Hypothesis
"hostile political discussions are the result of status-driven individuals who are drawn to politics and are equally hostile both online and offline. ... we offer initial evidence that online discussions feel more hostile, in part, because the behavior of such individuals is more visible online than offline."
The unequal treatment of demographic groups by ChatGPT/OpenAI content moderation system
Wonder to what extent this might still be true: "the system classifies a variety of negative comments about some demographic groups as not hateful while flagging the exact same comments about other demographic groups as being indeed hateful." It's easy enough to create a differently-aligned AI.
Democrats and Republicans aren’t divided by gender, they’re divided by marriage
"What would it look like if a major publication decided to produce a feature on masculinity but then assigned all the articles to women? Well, it would look a lot like Politico’s The Masculinity Issue, which did exactly that. ... one theme throughout the feature was that, in Katelynn Fossett’s words, over the last few decades, “women are voting for Democrats more, and men are usually sticking with Republicans.” ... Adding marital status to the mix, the GOP advantage among married men shoots up ... and shrinks among unmarried men to just 7 points. ... what most people don’t know ... is that among married women, Republicans still maintain a sizable 14-point advantage"