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Why Governments Can't be Trusted to Protect the Long-run Future
"The argument for why governments can’t be trusted to correct externalities across time is the same as why they can’t be trusted to correct them across borders: no one in the long-run future gets to vote in the next election."
Clinical outcomes and utilization from over a decade of planned oocyte cryopreservation
If women opt to freeze their eggs, how likely are they to go back and use them? Seems like the answer is "not very" - "Of 921 patients who underwent planned oocyte cryopreservation, 68 (7.4%) returned to use their oocytes. Forty-six patients (67.6%) completed at least one embryo transfer. The [cumulative clinical pregnancy rate] per transfer was 47.5% and [live birth rate] was 39.3%"
China’s cheaper EVs are challenging Western market dominance
"Today, consumers would need to spend at least €18 285 and €24 400 to buy an EV in Europe and the US, respectively – this is 92% and 146% more than they would need to pay for the cheapest combustion car available. In comparison, in China the cheapest EV costs 8% less than the cheapest internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalent."