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The Uneven Impact of Generative AI on Entrepreneurial Performance
"high performers benefited by just over 20% from AI advice, whereas low performers did roughly 10% worse with AI assistance. Exploratory analysis of the WhatsApp interaction logs shows that both groups sought the AI mentor’s advice, but that low performers did worse because they sought help on much more challenging business tasks."
Stalin’s ism
"And yet, the Finns, mounting a defense on skis, managed for an astonishing time to hold off Soviet forces. They also showed great ingenuity—for instance, posting portraits of Stalin on targets so no Soviet soldier would dare shoot at it."
How to make space-based solar power a reality
Will be interesting to see if this becomes more common. It's definitely been talked about for a while.
Quantitative risk assessment of the effects of climate change on selected causes of death, 2030s and 2050s
"Climate change will have some positive impacts on human health. There are likely to be reductions in cold-related mortality and morbidity in high-income populations. ... The effect of cold temperatures is therefore not modelled in this assessment."