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Women's anticipation of the employment effects of motherhood: Evidence and implications
"If women are not fully anticipating the employment effects of motherhood, we would expect that the birth of the first child serves as an information shock, causing them to update their beliefs regarding their ability to maintain both family and work commitments. Consistent with this idea, we find that women become more traditional in their attitudes about gender roles regarding work and family after the birth of their first child. ... Interestingly, college-educated women appear most caught off-guard by motherhood, as they experience a larger ‘anti-work’ shift in their views than non-college-educated women."
Nearly half the world’s kids are exposed to dangerous levels of lead
"Flint became the symbol of catastrophic lead exposure in the United States. The breakdown of a long-neglected system was so terrible that it led to headlines for months and even became an issue in the 2016 presidential election. Yet children in low- and middle-income countries are, per this estimate, 10 times likelier to have high blood lead levels than children in Flint were at the height of the city’s crisis."
Black Ownership Matters: Does Revealing Race Increase Demand For Minority-Owned Businesses?
Wonder how this has shifted (and continues to shift) over time: "we investigate the impact of a new feature on a large online platform that made the race of a set of Black business owners salient to customers. We find that this feature substantially increased demand for Black-owned businesses - in the form of more calls to the restaurant, more delivery orders, and - using cell phone data from a different platform - more in person visits to the restaurant. New customers to Black-owned businesses were more likely to be White customers - suggesting demand among White restaurant goers for Black-owned businesses."