Spinning things that annoy me


Those are actually very cool...but $16000 a set ($4000 a rim). They're hooked up to a computer in the vehicle, you can display any image or message you feel like. Can you (for the single guys on here) imagine pulling up next to a chick at a stop light, and using your rims to give her your phone number?!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I think that I can pretty much guarantee that I'll never do anything quite like you suggest. Spinning rims alone are enough to cause me to question the sanity of vehicle owners, and video rims sounds to me like an even greater waste of money.

But, then again, I'm not a car person.

I'll admit that I don't really care for spinners. They are a distraction (to others) while driving, and just flat out execessive. You also told me you were considering getting an excessive large LCD monitor for your computer. There isn't too much difference between getting a 26" LCD monitor for your computer (excessive) and getting spinners for your car (also excessive).

However, Towel Power is one of the most popular playoff traditions in Vancouver - and it benefits charity.

As to LCD monitors and excessiveness I'm not quite sure if I'd count a 26" LCD as excessive if it serves to increase productivity. For the price of a single video rim I could buy a bank of 4 26" LCDs, and I'd actually be viewing these things rather than just using them in an attempt to look cool.

In computing screen space can be an important thing - I know a fair number of people with either 24"+ LCDs or 2 or 3 19" LCD displays on their desktops, and from reports that I've heard it is good for productivity.