Your favourite way to eat lamb or squid?

So, apparently I should cook up some lamb and follow that with a little bit of squid.

I could cook up a roast leg of lamb or deep fry some calimari, but I'm wondering what other options are around.

How would you prepare them?


*This is Shena*

I've heard that if you take ground lamb, it makes an excellent spaghetti sauce. I haven't tried it though, so this is just a word of mouth suggestion. I can't give you any advice on the squid though. I don't like seafood.

This is how you should cook the lamb. First, order this
book (did that really work?). Then reflect on onions, fat, blood, grapes, knives, etc., until you wish you bought some other book. Next, invite us all over (you'll need four parties of eight people). Finally, cook the leg of lamb four times. Sorry Dave, I won't ask your name or the name of your field again. I might ask some more stupid questions about computer science and other things though. I think the squid needs Thai sauce.

Or you could try ordering the book this way:

That's one crazy-sounding book! (although it reminds me a little of one I own). Somehow between the non-kidproofed nature of my place, and the awkwardness of little non-shared space I doubt I'll be hosting four parties of eight people anytime soon. Perhaps we should do some picnicing while the summer remains though.

It sounds like you're suggesting that in order to really cook lamb or squid I need to meditate upon the subject for some time and then write about the experience. To compete with a book, perhaps I'd need to compose a ballad on the topic. My understanding is that ballads are generally supposed to be composed only for mythic stories, but a bachelor cooking up something edible sounds like myth enough to me.