Something broadcast relatively recently on CBC radio

On the topic of religious freedom in Canada, there was an interview recently broadcast on CBC radio from a retired professor at the Royal Military College of Canada.

A few quotes from this interview for you:

  • "We could also help the general cause of religious freedom by introducing a code of moral practice for religions," he said. "They will never achieve unity so why not try for compatibility? Can't religious leaders agree to adjust doctrine so all religions can operate within the code?"
  • "I won't try to propose what might be in the new code except for a few obvious things: A key item would have to be a ban on claims of exclusivity. It should be unethical for any RRP to claim that theirs was the one true religion and believers in anything else or nothing were doomed to fire and brimstone. One might also expect prohibition of ritual circumcisions, bans on preaching hate or violence, the regulation of faith healers, protocols for missionary work, etc.,"


Spoken like somebody who has no clue what they are talking about.

Also somebody who read Dune too many times, and has no idea how religions actually work.

What does Dune have to do with this?

In Dune, all the major religions met and created a new "bible" that reconciled all the religions together. This happened before all the events of the books, but it event is described in the book, and their "bible" is referenced often in the books as well.