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Complex intersections of race and class: Among social liberals, learning about White privilege reduces sympathy, increases blame, and decreases external attributions for White people struggling with poverty.
One of the reasons why I'm not surprised that there's a Trump voter base.
The Racial Wealth Gap Is About the Upper Classes
"In much of the popular discourse on the racial wealth gap, the emphasis is on the median white household and the median black household. To understand how misguided this emphasis is, we can do exactly what we did above but for the bottom 50 percent of each race. After topping off the current bottom 50 percent of black families so that they have as much wealth per household as the current bottom 50 percent of white families, mean black wealth rises by $23,100, cutting the racial wealth gap by 3 percent."
Gender Gaps in Education: The Long View
"in many countries with low levels of education for both men and women in 1960, gender gaps widened as more boys went to school, then narrowed as girls enrolled; thus, gender gaps got worse before they got better. ....gender gaps rarely persist in countries where boys are attaining high levels of education. Most countries with large, current gender gaps have low levels of male educational attainment." Think what this might imply about perhaps the best way forward to prosperity / "gender equality" and then consider that what I expect to see implemented these days is almost the exact opposite.

Where mobs may actually be useful

I'd noticed this as well:

It's a similar sort of personality required as with this. The same applies to whistleblowers.

Multiple types of stupidity

As flawed as notions of meritocracy are I'd expect this to make things worse:

There are some good reasons to consider even broader testing. Worth noting this is against the advice of faculty:

A faculty task force in February recommended keeping the ACT/SAT requirement for applicants

The inevitable challenges of researching politicized subjects

Here's the start of a twitter thread:

My general approach to Trump is to mostly ignore him, basically taking Zeynep Tufekci's approach here that most people looking for alternate credible sources of information know to disregard him. Yet what should one do when a potential therapy - which I certainly don't think should be embraced to the extent that Trump has - still seems to be worth some evaluation?

It seems worth noting the fairly-well-known-now case of the guy who died after ingesting some aquarium cleaner made of the stuff, but often ignored is that there seems to be more to that story than meets the eye. i.e. this seems to appear in context of abuse1, possibly being an escalation of violence there rather than innocent idiocy.

  1. This is of course the sort of domestic violence case that those who claim to care about domestic violence generally seem to prefer to try to ignore or even suppress - i.e. male victim. ↩︎


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