One step closer to Terminator

From the New Scientist yesterday in Ukrainian AI attack drones may be killing without human oversight:

Ukrainian attack drones equipped with artificial intelligence are now finding and attacking targets without human assistance, New Scientist has learned, in what would be the first confirmed use of autonomous weapons or “killer robots”. While the drones are designed to target vehicles such as tanks, rather than infantry, it is almost certain that the resulting explosions are killing Russian soldiers without a direct command from a human operator

The article mentions confirmation of the use of drones in this autonomous role unlike earlier uncorroborated claims about autonomous drones in Libya that the article also describes.

Daniel Levy on events in Israel / Gaza

A better perspective I'd say than most of what I'm seeing:

The interviewee's background:

Daniel Levy is President of the U.S./Middle East Project and served as an Israeli peace negotiator at the Oslo-B talks under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the Taba negotiations under Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Stumbled across it via this tweet which says describing it:

Very telling when an ex-Top Adviser to Israel's Prime Minister is way more sympathetic to Palestinians than a BBC presenter

Definitely still not feeling optimistic.

"How to Make a Peace Treaty"

Bumped across this in my "Watch Later" list on Youtube today on the path to peace in Northern Ireland.

Wish I felt more optimistic about the short-to-medium term prospects for peace in a particular part of the world that's popped into the news again in recent days.

On falling for the lies brought about by authoritarianism


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