Back online - well, sort of

It's been an interesting week in Calgary thus far (more about that later), but I figured that I'd quickly post to mention that I've now got an active computing account (at least an active computing science computing account). Hopefully this will mean that I can now keep in touch a little better.

I've also got to do something about my amount of incoming spam. For the last week or so I've been averaging approximately 2000 spamish emails a day (someone is forging headers to use rotundus as the outgoing address and therefore I'm receiving a whole lot of bounce messages).

Something peculiar about my calling card company

I've had an account with G3 Telecom for a number of years already, and just noticed something that seems a little odd with their rates on the prepaid plan. It seems that it would be cheaper for me to phone the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, or any one of a number of other countries than to phone the United States. (The situation is reversed, though, on their prepaid auto plan).

Friday evening...

I guess that I should probably have posted this a few days earlier when I went and made a few phone calls to arrange this, but you're welcome here Friday evening for supper and beyond. Supper will be starting sometime around 6:30 apparently.

Yay! I have enough credits to graduate...

Well, today the last of my final grades was released, so it seems that I now have a sufficient number of credits for my degree. It would be nice to spend a little bit of time celebrating, but, at the same time, I've got enough other stuff to do this week.

Car-shopping is but one of the things on my list currently, and it doesn't really help that there are few things in this world that I enjoy less. I had one good moment today, in which I remembered that I should be getting a good-sized chunk of change back with my tax return. I think that I'll probably add that sum to the sum that I was thinking of spending on a car. One thing that I've found somewhat odd is that the cars under consideration with a lower budget contained a higher percentage of automatics than the vehicles that I've been looking at with a slightly higher pricepoint (and it's not like I'm looking at sports cars).


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