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I think that these MP3 files change every week or so (this page contains the current list), so this link may not be pointing to the same file as I listened to by the time that you access it.

Err.... whoops!

I sometimes forget that I'm logged in as administrator, and forget to modify things so that everyone can access what they need to. Anyways, if you've tried to access the news aggregator and gotten an access denied error, that should now be fixed.

For those Xangaites now reading Rotundus, I just figured that I would mention a few things:

  • Rotundus is a touch more complicated than a Xanga blog in terms of what it supports (how do people survive without the ability to vote in pointless and ridiculous polls?)
  • Anonymous commenting is possible. Your comments get dumped in a moderation queue and I then need to go and approve it. This system is a bit of a nuisance, but there were some spam problems in the past that this avoids. Thus, feel free to comment on anything, but if plan to make a lot of comments, consider signing up for an account.
  • Most posts on here are by me, but I'm not the only one able to post on this thing. It's a bit odd to return from a trip or something like that, and then discover that your blog was updated in your absence, but that's the way things are setup around here.

Why read Xanga? Read Rotundus!

I've got a presentation which I really should finish for tomorrow so naturally I've been procrastinating (technically I can also present on Thursday if I choose). Once thing that I've been wondering about lately is how to best integrate Xanga and Rotundus. I've recently enabled an RSS feed for the site, so if you're into that sort of thing, you can now read Rotundus that way.

If you're wondering what RSS is and what it's good for, I just enabled the news aggregator on the site. Now through that and the wonders of RSS, you can get a Xanga fix without ever leaving Rotundus!

Currently the news aggregator is merging together about 8 or 9 Xanga blogs that I've started to read, as well as Depravity - a favourite news source.

I think that the current series of book-buying has come to a conclusion

For those who aren't aware, I tend to buy books in spurts, and then sometimes will go a relatively lengthy stretch without buying anything while I attempt to catch up to what's on my bookshelf.

Today, arrived in the mail a used copy of Michael Horton's book A Better Way. Anyone heard of him before - just wondering if any of you will pick up on (either) connection.

I'm still awaiting one book in the mail, but it was a freebie so I'm not really counting it. More to come on that freebie whenever I finally get around to reading it.


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