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I'd be interested in getting together to watch Star Wars Episode III

This weekend
0% (0 votes)
Next weekend
0% (0 votes)
The weekend after that
50% (2 votes)
Sometime even later
25% (1 vote)
I'm not interested
25% (1 vote)
Total votes: 4

NET Bible reaches v1.0

I happened to stumble across a mention of the latest release of this translation while reading Christdot. The NET Bible is one that has taken a somewhat interesting approach to copyright issues in that it is freely downloadable in its entirety online (although you can download a free PDF copy of the TNIV - the IBS's attempt at a gender-neutral bible). The World English Bible is somewhat less restrictive, in that it exists in the public domain, but at the same time I have some misgivings about the credentials of the translators.

Anways, the reason for this post is that I noted some interesting stuff about their copyright policy which I figured that I would post for you to read.

Procrastination time!

I'm currently triyng to figure out a good essay topic for the French Revolution class that Ryan and I are both taking this semester, and aim to get an email sent off to the instructor with a selected topic before heading to bed. I'm still not quite sure whether to do something focused on religion in the revolution or something related to the changes that commoners saw from the revolution.

Also, on the topic of school, I phoned the UofC graduate studies office Wednesday morning, and it looks like the letter I had sent from SFU to there was sufficient "proof of graduation". Before applying I had been advised by one of the graduate program people at the UofC CPSC department that I'd be able to apply for January admission instead of having to wait until September, and also the person writing the letter at SFU figured it would work. However, it seemed a little unclear to me whether or not the letter would suffice, and I had discovered from past experience that advisors don't always know what they're talking about. Ah well, perhaps I'm just a touch paranoid.


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