Will Darren go railfanning in Europe?

Off to Holland

Just a quick note to everyone that we're off to Holland for two weeks, leaving early tomorrow morning. You should still be able to keep in touch with us via email.

Can you tell that some people in Canada are sick of politics?

It's kind of amusing to read up on the independent in quebec who easily won his riding. Some people are definitely sick of politics, considering that guy's background.

Baptism and rebaptism...

Would you object to a person being baptized both as an infant and as an adult? (ie. do you see anything wrong with it - rather than just something unusual?)

Basically the reason that I'm posing this question is that outside of the Reformed Churches, people keep pointing me to baptist churches if looking for depth in sermons. There are, of course, a number of different Baptist denominations - from the kind I have a hard time taking seriously (the KJV people) to the extreme liberal variety (and of course others in between).

This evening, I met someone from Bowness Baptist Church (probably the closest baptist church to here) while attending a presentation at Centre Street Church (the closest thing in Calgary to a mega-church) on a outreach program in downtown Calgary. Anyways, the church as he described it seemed fairly conservative.

You heard my thoughts on baptism here on Rotundus before, although I'm too lazy to dig up the references. Basically, the idea being that I can see things from both infant and believer baptist perspectives, and at this point don't reject either (while at the same time not really having a strong preference for one over the other).


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