Sandcastle competition?

Just figured I'd check to see if any of you would be interested in heading down to Harrison Hot Springs to check out their sand castle competition. Construction is apparently taking place September 6 - 11, and then the finished sculptures are available for viewing sometime into October.

I can recall seeing some photos of this at Koats' in the past, which got me interested in seeing one of these for myself up close. (More photos are available online).

For those who don't read Grumpysworld

Have flash installed, and laugh your ass off!

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I'm not crazy...oh, wait...nevermind.

Guess what I found

Well, Shena found it for me. I'll give you a hint: we were in the used bookstore in Chilliwack. Scott may well have the best shot at this one.

Any thoughts on the CBC situation?

Has any of you found themselves somewhat annoyed about the CBC lockout that's currently going on? I can't say that I've so much as noticed (I can't remember the last time that I watched CBC anyways). It would be somewhat nice if they'd just stay off the job and save us all a few tax dollars.

One interesting thing that I stumbled across, is the suggestion that ratings for the CFL broadcasts have improved since they dropped their commentators (I don't see a source stated so I'm a little leery of the claim). I can't really say I watch much in the way of sports (although I did make it to a Whitecaps game last night), but commentators annoy me enough that I attempt to avoid Quinzos for the simple reason that they have Don Cherry as spokesperson.


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