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Guess what I found

Well, Shena found it for me. I'll give you a hint: we were in the used bookstore in Chilliwack. Scott may well have the best shot at this one.

Any thoughts on the CBC situation?

Has any of you found themselves somewhat annoyed about the CBC lockout that's currently going on? I can't say that I've so much as noticed (I can't remember the last time that I watched CBC anyways). It would be somewhat nice if they'd just stay off the job and save us all a few tax dollars.

One interesting thing that I stumbled across, is the suggestion that ratings for the CFL broadcasts have improved since they dropped their commentators (I don't see a source stated so I'm a little leery of the claim). I can't really say I watch much in the way of sports (although I did make it to a Whitecaps game last night), but commentators annoy me enough that I attempt to avoid Quinzos for the simple reason that they have Don Cherry as spokesperson.

Following upon the footsteps of that book on the Reformation...

I've been trying to do some reading on Church History lately, and hence I figured that I would briefly mention a couple of other books that are on my reading list: The Complete Works of Josephus, and A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada.

Yesterday evening, just after finishing War Hospital, I dug into the works of Josephus. As a brief introduction to him, Josephus was a Jewish writer from the 1st century - a Romanized Pharisee. I've progressed a short ways into this book, but the first page was almost enough to scare me off. It at first seemed like I'd need to keep a fairly large dictionary close at hand as I found myself stumbling across such words as sacerdotal and calumniate. Thankfully the reading quickly became easier, but this may still prove to be a bit of a vocabulary stretcher.

To elaborate briefly on the second book, Mark Noll was a person whom I read a rather interesting article by one day and then heard lecturing at Regent College the next. His job title is Professor of Church History at a Christian college in the US. After I eventually get around to reading this one book of his, I think that I may progress on to reading another - The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

Sadly, I've placed further book-buying on hold, already for a while now, until I once again get around to earning some income. The one exception to this rule (beyond necessary textbooks), I plan to be the $20 Chapters gift certificate that I've redeemed some PC Points for. Free banking is definitely good, but free banking with a rewards program is even better.


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