Daylight savings time extension

I just uncovered a story from my Firefox bookmarks in Windows that I figured was still worthy of posting. Basically, it concerns the extension of daylight savings time in the USA. Anyone think that we'll up being out of sync with US timezones for a while in the not-so-distant future?

Darren's continuing computer problems

I just got off the phone from Darren a few minutes ago, after he called regarding the status of his PC. Although Knoppix 3.2 didn't work on his system, apparently with Knoppix 3.9 he once again has access to the internet from home (apparently stuff like his sound card is now also working so he can listen to his MP3 collection once again).

Unfortunately while Linux worked, Windows still isn't cooperating. (That includes both the Windows XP install CD for a reinstallation, and also BartPE). Apparently it seems to be dying when it attempts to detect / configure the hardware.

An email from Mark...

I received a link to a rather interesting article today from Mark (whom I think most, if not all, of you have met by not.

Basically, the article provides some information about Christian think tanks in Canada. It also offers links to some publications by think tanks which might make for some interesting reading:

Roman Catholic church still offering indulgences

I stumbled across this story today which suggests that in connection with the World Youth Days that the Roman Catholic church is putting on, indulgences are being offered to attendants. I thought that they had ditched the whole idea of indulgences in the Roman Catholic counter-reformation, but apparently not.


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