One book down, and about twenty-five to go...

Today I finally finished reading through The Reformation: A History, a book trying to cover all the events, groups, and philosophies that sprung up roughly from the late fifteenth century to the early eighteenth. The writing style wasn't bad, but given its length it took a fairly large investment of time to work my way through.

The author of the book is not a Christian, and I found that this tended to become somewhat apparent while reading through the book. His talk of religious "innovation" was a bit bizarre, and he also appears to be an adherent of predictablely modern views on the subjects of certain things like sexuality. I suppose that I like reading books advocating a somewhat different viewpoint from my own. Having to weigh the merits of each thought presented tends to keep the brain alive, whereas I find the continual reading of books adhering only to one point of view tends to lull one into a state of mental lethargy.

Interestingly, particularly given my "love" (or lack thereof) for the organ, were some comments on the place of the organ in Reformed churches. The book suggests that the Netherlands were about the only place where organs were not either removed or neglected, and that in the Netherlands they remained occurred in spite of objections from the clergy. Examples are given of Switzerland and Scotland, and I can think of their modern continuation in churches like the Free Church of Scotland which sings a cappella and with which the Canadian Reformed Churches have a reasonably close relationship.

Buying shoes

It seems that its getting to be time again to replace my footwear, so I figured that I would ask around and see what kind of footwear you're all wearing. Probably the last 3 or 4 pairs of shoes that I've bought have been made by Saucony, but, although I still like the shoes that this company puts out they're roughly $70 - $80 a pair (on sale) and I'm currently trying to conserve money.

While I definitely don't think that $70 - $80 is an outrageous price for a pair of shoes (as you can easily spend more), I'm currently wondering if I should switch over to some footwear by another manufacturer that might be a little cheaper. Hence the question: what's on your feet, and would you reccomend the manufacturer?

A fresh batch of photos...

I picked up a batch of three rolls of film this evening at Superstore, containing the results of some of the most recent shooting of mine. This includes shots from July 30th, August 4th (the day my car insurance expired), August 5th (the evening before my CMPT 471 final exam), and the first set of photos from the canyon excursion on August 13th.

Some of the shots turned out fairly well. As one example, the light on CN 5696 looked quite interesting. I suppose that I should mention that the "Hi Eliana" sign got some use.

One thing that is kind of unusual about the photos from August 13th is that the film results beat out the digital. I ended up shooting both film in my SLR, and also dragging along the old digital camera. The annoying thing is that I simply haven't been able to find a transfer cable that fits with the camera. My sister's camera does accept the same sort of media, but unfortunately I need to await her return from Missouri to be able borrow that camera to attempt to transfer the photos.


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