Adios Dave-mobile and Dave too it seems!

Following the demise of our pickup, the fate of the Dave-mobile was decided the other day. The ownership-change papers where signed yesterday, and the vehicle is once again insured and now resides in the garage rather than on that gravel patch off to the side of the house. I was a little worried about the health of my bank account at the beginning of the week, but it's looking somewhat more healthy news.

In other news: I was awaiting the mail today to see if a copy of a book that I ordered in early August would show up. Instead I received mail from someplace else.

I'd been speculating what to do come January the past few days, including thoughts of heading off to Europe for a few years (amidst other crazy schemes). Instead, it seems that I may be becoming an Albertan instead. My bank account was in lockdown mode before this, but it looks like I'll be tightening the restrictions further given the piles of money that grad students typically have lying around. Incidentally, Darren and Shena, if you're still debating a move to Alberta, I vote Calgary.

Additional incentive for a get together?

I've already mentioned this to Ryan, but everyone else is unaware that me and Shena (with Eliana, obviously) are moving back to "the sticks" on the 10th. We've found a place with 2 bedrooms in Yarrow. It's a mobile home, on the same property as the Schoutens (the parents of Lauren, who was in our class). Therefore, may I suggest a Monday afternoon/evening get together with the whole group?

What are you up to this weekend?

I was originally going to be out of town Saturday afternoon through Monday, but it's been decided to postpone that outing due to the general insanity of long weekend vacationining. For me Sunday and Monday are now once again available for activity-planning purposes, although Saturday still isn't really a good time.

Anyways, given that we haven't really gotten around to doing something as a group in a while I figured that I would inquire as to whether or not people had time free to do something one of those days. Can you fit in an everning of movie-watching or cards amongst the church picnics or whatever other events you might have booked this weekend?

Given the wonderful traffic that the Monday of a long weekend typically brings in the Eastern Fraser Valley, I suppose that this wouldn't be a good weekend to try that Darren's idea of heading off to Yale for a BBQ/picnic/whatever.


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