Anyone interested in watching this?

After getting home from the "photography" excursion, I walked down to Rogers' Video to grab a movie to watch sometime in the next few days. What I ended up with was a copy of Luther, a biography of Martin Luther about which I've heard some good things.

Not sure when I'll end up watching it, but post a comment or send an email if you're interested in joining me. I don't think that I'll get a chance to watch it tomorow, but basically any time after that is fair game.

A trip into the canyon...

Darren and I wandered of into the Fraser Canyon, in an excursion that started far, far too early in the morning and ended at a semi-reasonable time. The further we got was some point between Spences Bridge and Ashcroft.

One day's worth of insurance had been picked up Friday evening for the Davemobile, which provided the day's transportation. That said, given my 3 - 3 1/2 hours of sleep and Darren and I's different driving philosophies (yay! woohoo! vs. let someone else do it), Darren ended up doing essentially all of the driving. (An interesting tidbit: in one day Darren racked up more kilometreage on my car than I put on from the end of April to now).

The train count was reasonable, but the amount of photoage taken was slim (I think that I probably shot fewer of the trains than Darren did). Basically, CP was having issues around Kamloops that caused them to tie-down trains left, right, and center. That combined with some smoke from a little forest fire later in the day so weaken the light that was getting through.

It was definitely good to get out of the valley for a day or so, and also to give the camera a workout.

Anyone played much with Wikis?

I created a Wiki at yesterday, with the idea of using it to organize my bookmarks amongst platforms and also for a little bit of scheming and plotting regarding some of my ideas (eg. the Google Maps idea mentioned a while back).

At the moment the access policy by default offers access only to myself on all pages by default making it a little less open than many wikis that I've observed in the past. One interesting thing is that the access control policies also apply to things like the login page. When I had originally set the access policy to give access only to myself, I was actually prevented from accessing the login page in order to login to the system (a little database hacking fixed that).

The software package that I've chosen to use for my new wiki is Wikka Wiki. (Who comes up with such silly names anyways?)

Daylight savings time extension

I just uncovered a story from my Firefox bookmarks in Windows that I figured was still worthy of posting. Basically, it concerns the extension of daylight savings time in the USA. Anyone think that we'll up being out of sync with US timezones for a while in the not-so-distant future?


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