A fresh batch of photos...

I picked up a batch of three rolls of film this evening at Superstore, containing the results of some of the most recent shooting of mine. This includes shots from July 30th, August 4th (the day my car insurance expired), August 5th (the evening before my CMPT 471 final exam), and the first set of photos from the canyon excursion on August 13th.

Some of the shots turned out fairly well. As one example, the light on CN 5696 looked quite interesting. I suppose that I should mention that the "Hi Eliana" sign got some use.

One thing that is kind of unusual about the photos from August 13th is that the film results beat out the digital. I ended up shooting both film in my SLR, and also dragging along the old digital camera. The annoying thing is that I simply haven't been able to find a transfer cable that fits with the camera. My sister's camera does accept the same sort of media, but unfortunately I need to await her return from Missouri to be able borrow that camera to attempt to transfer the photos.

Do you read e-books on your computer?

The wonders of modern Canada...

With the new marriage laws, its interesting to see some of what might happen. Basically, some people expressed interest in taking advantage of the new marriage laws just for the tax benefits (although they've now cancelled the wedding). See Two heterosexual men in Toronto cancel "gay" wedding.

Anyone interested in watching this?

After getting home from the "photography" excursion, I walked down to Rogers' Video to grab a movie to watch sometime in the next few days. What I ended up with was a copy of Luther, a biography of Martin Luther about which I've heard some good things.

Not sure when I'll end up watching it, but post a comment or send an email if you're interested in joining me. I don't think that I'll get a chance to watch it tomorow, but basically any time after that is fair game.


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