Have you ever read your email on your cell phone?


By email I mean stuff other than SMS, even though there is often an Email -> SMS gateway system in place. I've also used Yahoo Messanger on my cell.

I don't think my phone even has e-mail capability.

Everytime i accidentally start the browser I shut down everything in a panic for fear of incurring massive download charges!

It's kind of ridiculous what they sometimes charge (5 cents per kilobyte or something?). I never figured that I'd use it, but now I kind of like the unlimited data transfer included in my cell plan.

I think on my plan it's more than five cents per kilobyte. If the web browser wasn't a piece of junk, or I had the ability to download Opera, or I had a combined phone/PDA, I would want unlimited data transfer. Regardless, with mobile browsing becoming more and more popular in Europe, it's becoming more and more worthwhile to start testing webpages on the handheld platform.

Your phone doesn't have Java ME or anything like that? That's basically all you need for Opera Mini (and it's offered free by Opera).

I checked my data transfered once between, and if I were paying by the kilobyte instead of having an unlimited plan, my phone bill would have been around $300 for January.

Your phone doesn't have Java ME or anything like that?

Not as far as I know.