More online audiobooks

I just heard about this from my brother together - perhaps because I haven't set foot in any FVRL locations for a while. Anyways, apparently your card now gives you access to a catalog of downloadable audiobooks. Their selection is nowhere near as complete as Audible, but it does seem to consist of more than just classics.

Now, if only I could remember my pin code...

October railfanning

Seeing as we've now hit the 10th month of 2005, another day of railfanning is on the horizon. One of my 2 remaining railfanning days is scheduled for October. So, canyon trip, or something a little more exotic, like Stevens Pass? Naturally, the 15th is out, as that's the model railroad show (who's coming to that, by the way?) What other saturdays look attractive at this point? Any takers?

Copyright in Canada

If you happen to have a little time available for some reading on the topic, Michael Geist has come up with a freely downloadable, peer-reviewed collection of essays on copyright in Canada. The download site is here.

Church History

I've been debating acquiring some some of recorded lectures available through the Regent College Bookstore, but given that I'm currently trying to save money I instead did a little searching around on the web to see what else was available.

I figured that I would share with you one of the resources that I've discovered thus far: a set of lectures on Church History. At the moment I've grabbed all of the MP3s corresponding to the apostolic church, the early church, and the period wherein Christianity was officially adopted by the Roman empire.


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