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Suicide bomber in ambulance kills at least 95, wounds 158, Kabul officials say
If you ever wonder why it might be a good idea to stop an ambulance at a security checkpoint even if it might slightly decrease the odds of a patient inside surviving, this is an example of why.
The struggle to conceive with frozen eggs: Brigitte Adams became the poster child for freezing your eggs. But things didn’t quite work out how she imagined.
To quote Gabriel Rossman: "Less a technology for managing fertility than managing anxiety about fertility."
Science Curiosity and Political Information Processing
"This article describes evidence suggesting that science curiosity counteracts politically biased information processing. ... It also reports data, observational and experimental, showing that science curiosity promotes open-minded engagement with information that is contrary to individuals’ political predispositions."

Adam Grant on education

Random links

Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War
"We also find that after controlling for per capita income, more ethnically or religiously diverse countries have been no more likely to experience significant civil violence in this period."
Stereotypes and Self-Stereotypes: Evidence from Teachers’ Gender Bias
"I study the impact of exposure to gender-biased teachers on student achievement and self-confidence. The gender gap in math performance substantially increases when students are quasi-randomly assigned to teachers with stronger stereotypes (as measured by an implicit association test)." Relatedly Why Does Teacher Gender Matter?
Beating their chests: University students with ADHD demonstrate greater attentional abilities on an inattentional blindness paradigm.
"results are most consistent with the ... hypothesis ... that ADHD individuals have an alternative cognitive style which is less equipped to deal with detection of repeated stimuli while comprising advantages in the tracking of stimuli moving in a fast dynamic manner." Inattentional blindness - which many people know through things like the "invisible gorilla" experiment - is one of the reasons why I tend to roll my eyes a bit when people say you shouldn't disagree with an expert.

Kahneman on groups vs. individuals

When everybody in a group is susceptible to similar biases, groups are inferior to individuals, because groups tend to be more extreme than individuals. - Daniel Kahneman


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