Two more nights...

A couple of nights longer and then I finally get to sleep on a proper mattress once again (been sleeping on half of a futon mattress borrowed from a roommate since I got here to Calgary). Sleep Country is supposed to be delivering sometime Thursday (unfortunately you don't get your delivery window until that morning), and I got their delivery appointment confirmation call today. It's a might annoying how long that process took though (10 days to special order the thing [which applies to basically anything in the twin XL size], and then another week where it's been sitting in their Calgary warehouse awaiting delivery (as I don't have a truck or van at the moment). I suppose that my room might start to get congested once the thing arrives. I suppose that none of you have really seen any of my furniture yet so I'll have to try to take a photo or two once that arrives.

What should Dave have for supper on Sunday?

Are private domain name registrations worth it?

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to use these privacy features available from domain name registrars. My thoughts currently are, if the company providing this service goes bankrupt, then the domain is technically in their name and you may not be first in line of their creditors (although it would be pretty slimey to steal people's domain names that way).


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