Before vs. after

I've finally uploaded a few galleries of my living space to the photo galleries. What do you think of the before and after shots of my room? (a "slight" improvement I think)

Looks like it might be a little cold this week...

Take a look at the weather forecast for this week... for Thursday a high of -21 and a low of -26. Thus far temperatures haven't been much worse than a typical Vancouver winter, but it looks like that might change this week (if one can trust weather forecasters).


It seems a little bit odd to me just how many corneresque stores can manage to survive in just one area. I currently live about a 3 minute walk from a strip mall (well, maybe it's more L-shaped) which has 3 such stores - 2 local ones and something name-brand. Not only that, but it also has a gas station with a small store. How they all manage to survive surprises me.

That little strip mall also happens to have a chinese takeout restaurant and a pizza place. Tonight's fortune cookie:

The day will come when you have to search no longer

So it seems that I do in fact convocate in June...

I noticed something a day or two ago, and posted about that, and now it seems that it is indeed official that I'll be graduating in June as my degree status now shows "approved by senate". Unfortunately, the ceremony is at 9:45am on a Wednesday - far too early to be at SFU - and gowns and that sort of stuff is supposed to be picked up between 8 and 9 am (ignoring that I'm often on campus here at 9am, and for me there would now be a one-hour time difference). To reserve myself some goofy-looking garb, or not?


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