A Darren-approved mode of transportation

Taking Via is completely unrealistic in Western Canada, but here it doesn't seem too bad. Currently onboard Via somewhere between Quebec City and Montreal. Once in Montreal it's time to head back to the old part of town to try to take a few photos - I was last there at about 9pm so it was too dark - and then it's off to my hotel near the airport to catch a few hours sleep before my flight back.

Apparently Via is having some intermittent problems with their onboard Wifi, but I don't mind given that they've made it free for the moment as a result.


On a slightly silly note, this laptop of mine has a somewhat annoying Wifi problem. Currently anytime you change the screen brightness, you get disconnected from whatever Wifi network you might have previously been connected to. I suppose that I've gotten used to it by now, but it's still annoying.

It's a different market really...in the east there's the population density to support intercity rail, out here it's more of a tourist/cruise train approach. Glad to hear Dave decided to take the train though!