This rental market is ridiculous!

So, I think that I might have mentioned a week or so ago that I had phoned a whole pile of places that had just listed a rental that day, and discovered that either it had already been rented, or that I was way back in the list of people who had phoned.

Today I wondered into downtown to see if I was cut out for life in a highrise - to see an apartment that would only be available for viewing starting this morning. Showed up at the rental office a few minutes before it opened, and discovered that someone had already rented the place sight-unseen. I'm rather frustrated with looking for a place to rent right now - and it's definitely not the kind of thing that I'd like to have filling my time during the last week of classes.


How much time do you have between the final classes and having to move out?

Well, I still have to confirm the schedule of my final oral exam, but maybe a week or so.

I got another call back from that high-rise today saying a 2 BR unit had just come available, but my roommate would prefer to avoid the downtown (and it seems like basement suites are starting to pop on the market in larger numbers).

I assume he is helping you look...