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Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect: Evidence from Hunter-Gatherers
"The endowment effect, the tendency to value possessions more than non-possessions, is a well known departure from rational choice and has been replicated in numerous settings." This interestingly appears not to exist in hunter-gatherer populations though.
Change Minds Or Drive Turnout?
"As far as I can tell, the evidence leans against the win-by-extremism-turning-out-the-base argument. Extremists tend to do worse in elections. They don’t raise turnout of their base; in fact, they probably lower it. They may fire up their opponents’ base. And swing voters can make a big difference when a candidate appeals to them."
Donald Trump as a Cultural Revolt Against Perceived Communication Restriction: Priming Political Correctness Norms Causes More Trump Support
I suspect that a lot of the stuff people have done in opposition towards Trump will actually draw more supporters to him.