Random links

China is Testing Out a 1,000 km/h 'Super Maglev' Train
Sounds a lot like the hyperloop. To think that I thought the Shanghai maglev test train at a mere 430 km/h was fast!
Costly culture: differences in nut-cracking efficiency between wild chimpanzee groups
"Persistent behavioural coherence within the respective groups implies that immigrants adjust their behaviour to local nut-cracking techniques, even when individual foraging success might be compromised. This suggests that the benefit of belonging to a social group might outweigh the benefits of maximizing individual foraging efficiency. "
Italy elects its first black senator: Toni Iwobi of the League
The guy apparently helped to write the party's anti-immigration platform. Consider this a reminder for politically controversial subjects that it's often worth checking the demographics in poll-respondents. I don't think that I'm too crazy to suspect that this guy probably is relatively unrepresentative of Nigerians immigrants to Italy.