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Culturally Antagonistic Memes and the Zika Virus: An Experimental Test
"a general population sample of U.S. subjects, whose members were not polarized when exposed to neutral information, formed culturally polarized affective reactions when exposed to information that was pervaded with antagonistic memes linking Zika to global warming; when exposed to comparable information linking Zika to unlawful immigration, the opposed affective stances of the subjects flipped in direction."
Estonia's ice roads break all normal safety rules
"there are some unusual roads in Estonia with a middle limit. You can only drive at less than 25kph or more than 40kph. ... Other special safety rules are a mandatory separation of 250m between vehicles, and a prohibition on wearing seat belts."
So, You Want Your Toddler to Grow Up to Win a Gold Medal
"later specialization may actually lead to better performance in the long-term."
How Effective is Energy-Efficient Housing? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mexico
"evaluates a field experiment in Mexico in which a quasi-experimental sample of new homes was provided with insulation and other energy-efficient upgrades. ... We find that the upgrades had no detectable impact on electricity use or thermal comfort ... in sharp contrast to the engineering estimates that predicted up to a 26% decrease in electricity use." Consider yourself remind of Jevons paradox, that consumption often rises as efficiency increases.