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Self-regulation for Managerial Effectiveness: The Role of Active Feedback Seeking
"managers' tendency to seek negative feedback increased the accuracy of their understanding about how these feedback sources evaluated their work. Seeking negative feedback further enhanced the three constituencies' opinions of the managers' overall effectiveness. Seeking positive feedback, in contrast, decreased constituents' opinions of the managers' effectiveness."
Believing in climate change, but not behaving sustainably: Evidence from a one-year longitudinal study
"the “Highly Concerned” were most supportive of government climate policies, but least likely to report individual-level actions, whereas the “Skeptical” opposed policy solutions but were most likely to report engaging in individual-level pro-environmental behaviors."
Chimpanzee and gorilla humor: progressive emergence from origins in the wild to captivity to sign language learning
"Positive evidence of object permanence, cross-modal perception, deferred imitation and deception among chimpanzees and gorillas is used to document their cognitive capacity for humor. Playful teasing is proposed as the primordial form of humor among apes in the wild. This same form of humor is commonly found among signing apes, both in overt behavior and in signed communications. A second form of humor emerges in the context of captivity, consisting of throwing feces at human onlookers—who often respond to this with laughter. This early form of humor shows up in signing apes in the form of calling others “dirty,” a sign associated with feces."