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Geography and Agricultural Productivity: Cross-Country Evidence from Micro Plot-Level Data
"If countries produced current crops in each cell according to potential yields, the rich-poor agricultural yield gap would virtually disappear, from more than 200 percent to less than 5 percent."
What Do We Measure When We Measure Affective Partisanship?
"when answering questions about the other party, individuals think about elites more than voters, and express more animus when the questions focus on elites. This suggests that increased affective polarization reflects, to some extent, growing animus towards politicians more than ordinary voters."
How many transgender inmates are there?
In the UK it seems as though close to half of prisoners who identified as transgender on a survey had been convicted of sex offenses. What might you expect to happen behind bars?
Who Pays for Government? Descriptive Representation and Exploitative Revenue Sources
" Using data on over 9,000 cities, we show that the use of fines as revenue is common and that it is robustly related to the share of city residents who are black. We also find that black representation on city councils diminishes the connection between black population and fines revenue."