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Grassland plants show surprising appetite for carbon dioxide
Are plants likely to respond differently to increased CO2 than previously expected?
Reputational and cooperative benefits of third-party compensation
"We find that compensating victims leads to greater reputational and cooperative benefits than punishing perpetrators. In fact, even people who themselves prefer to punish (vs. compensate) still prefer social partners who compensate (vs. punish). We also find that the signal that is sent via third-party compensating may be an honest signal of trustworthiness. Finally, we find that people accurately anticipate that observers would prefer them to compensate victims than to punish perpetrators and that participants personal decisions about whether to compensate or punish is based in part on the belief that the social norm is to compensate."
Dr. Peterson and the Reporters
"One ingredient in the astounding fame of Jordan Peterson is his capacity to show just how lazy, obtuse, unprepared, smug, knee-jerk, and prejudiced are many journalists at leading publications. ... Peterson fans like his interviews because they have experienced that smugness before. To watch someone stand up to it, to hear him cite clinical data and hold firmly against a party line they know is dishonest and coercive—that goes a long way to explaining the Peterson phenomenon."