"Fascim's Fellow Traveler" -> an outlet's "Best Journalist"

Glenn Greenwald recently jumped ship from The Intercept - an outlet he'd cofounded - protesting of censorship which caused a certain outlet to post an article whose headline conflicted drastically with a previous article on the platform.

It's not entirely irrelevant to that the authors of the two pieces are different, but I think that the following take is perhaps the best on the subject:

Glenn Greenwald leaves for Substack. Greenwald is kind of a dick. He’s very disagreeable and often unpleasant. This is one reason I actually trust him more than other journalists. He deludes himself, he’s human, but he’s not a conformist, which is the norm among most journalists (look at the middle school level burns coming from some bluecheck reporters at places like The New York Times).

It seems to me basically the whistleblower personality type - the sort of thing that I've spoken about before. You're likely to be particularly pleased when the issue such a person raises is one you agree with, but other cases seem likely to provoke different reactions. It should be noted that they're not always right and may have certain blindspots. They live by their own moral code, where you might agree with certain elements while disagreeing with others.