Two tales of Elon Musk

There's this one that I'm seeing draw a lot of attention, wherein Elon Musk stops subsidizing internet access in Ukraine:

It seems like me like a lot of Musk's behaviour here is trolling as per CNN:

Documents obtained by CNN show that last month Musk’s SpaceX sent a letter to the Pentagon saying it can no longer continue to fund the Starlink service as it has. The letter also requested that the Pentagon take over funding for Ukraine’s government and military use of Starlink

i.e. the move to cut off the funds seems to have been initiated last month before Musk's unsolicited advice to Ukraine.

Musk's been kind of an idiot re: Ukraine, but if you were to want to criticize him for recent activities regarding entities that the US seems to broadly treat as allies this seems a much better target: Tesla wins tax breaks from China after Elon Musk’s Taiwan comments: report.

Ceasing to fund a country whose ambassador explicitly told you to "fuck off" seems far less problematic to me than seemingly gaining financial perks for similarly dubious statements elsewhere.